International Markets

Market Analysis

Thanks to our specialization in the European market, we define the products and services with the Customer to be exported, the size and future growth in a given country and we consider the capital available to operate successfully in international sphere. We analyze in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the Company and the opportunities and threats related to the external environment. We develop a detailed analysis for the critical understanding of the market in which the company is determined to compete by choosing the best development channels between local agents, the creation of joint ventures, strategic alliances or the opening of a production unit in the country.

Industrial Partners

Companies specializing in the production and export of their products and services can participate in missions abroad to develop relationships with potential customers. Our local business partners with proven experience in the sector can be selected to support the Italian company in continuously promoting new opportunities. Galileo Business Consulting offers the highest quality approach to carry out these operations, select suitable local partners and generate continuous operating results.

Institutional Affairs

Galileo Business Consulting has developed important institutional relations with Ministries and Government Agencies over the last ten years. Some sectors, such as the Energy sector, strongly depend on a correct and timely identification of Partners and decision-makers in the country of destination for continuous market-intelligence activity. Adequate institutional communication is essential for the development of multi-annual projects and the start-up of work on a foreign production unit.

Strategic Alliances

Internationalization is synonymous with partnership in the case of large-scale projects or supplies of products. The most critical aspect of success from an organizational point of view is to focus on time and quality. Galileo Business Consulting through its network offers a quality service for the search of alliances and strategic partners at international level.

Events Promotion

Galileo Business Consulting has developed the promotion of events and the participation of Associations and corporate groups in trade fairs in the Mechanics and Mechatronics sector in the Czech Republic and Romania, in Poland in the Automotive sector. We have supported international companies from abroad for B2B meetings with italian partners.


Czech Republic

BrnÚ and South Moravia: a dynamic and growing industry with technological characteristics similar to those of Lombardy



65% of italian exports is delivered to Europe. International markets represent 80% of leading companies revenues



IABM Conference: an annual summary of the Automotive sector. Corporations and Diplomacy for an evolving industry

Our Experience

Galileo Business Consulting promotes the internationalization of Italian companies and the attraction of foreign direct investments in Italy. Our Clients use our professional experience for a continuous communication with Italian Institutions and the Embassy network abroad.

Our services are aimed at Italian companies with a growing need to deal with international markets and foreign investors who plan to promote their products and services in Italy.

We help our clients to formulate a strategic analysis of their Business Plan, to critically understand the opportunities in foreign markets and to create an International Marketing Plan. We are specialized in promoting business missions to accompany our Clients in foreign markets, meet business partners and institutions in third countries.

Galileo Business Consulting coordinates its business missions with Italian Institutions.



We have developed experience in many technological sectors such as Mechatronics, Pneumatics, Automotive, Electronics, Financial Services, Energy and Food with results across Europe.


Best Practice

Galileo Business Consulting from 2016-2017 has led the development of foreign markets for AIDAM, the Italian Mechatronics Automation Association, achieving important operational results.


Consulates in Milan

Several of our publications have been taken up by the Economic Commission of the National Consuls Federation, which groups together more than 100 consular representations in Italy.



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