Daily Solutions

Our vision is to be a single point of reference in business consulting for Clients with whom we believe it is necessary to collaborate on a daily basis and respond to strategic, legal and fiscal needs at an international level.

32 Countries in the World

We have developed a network of more than a thousand professionals able to serve medium and large companies with increasing needs to compete with international competitors by increasing the experience, professionalism and results to support our customers.

Global & Local

Galileo Business Consulting partner firms have been selected with rigorous standards to ensure excellence in professional service. Specifically, an international presence in Europe for at least twenty years is required, proven references in the sector and the guarantee of being able to be assisted by professionals in Italian also at the foreign offices; a concrete example of Global and Local service.


We believe that our Clients need to know our professional partner firms able to represent their interests in Italy and abroad. Our experience at your service in a transparent way for a real alternative to the global consulting firm.


Our Partners are at the service of our Clients with the clear intent to promote transnational synergies to make them feel at home when abroad and interdisciplinary synergies from tax advice, international law, commercial development to extraordinary operations such as merger and acquisition.



Galileo Business Consulting collaborates with a number of professional firms of proven experience with foreign offices in most European countries specialized in the tax field.


PLG International Lawyers

Founded in 1988, it has members in about 32 countries, bringing together over 1000 lawyers and notaries. PLG presents the ideal alternative to the large global law firm.


M&A Partners

Galileo Business Consulting is supported by a network of partners specialized in mergers and acquisitions in Europe. A growing network at the service of Companies and Investors.

Success Stories

Galileo Business Consulting and PLG Italia is entrusted with M&A assignments in different sectors (January 2020)

A partner of Galileo BC in Poland expresses interest in collaborating with PLG; the network grows in contacts and specialization (December 2019)

A Galileo BC customer in the electronics sector faces a credit recovery in Asia thanks to the PLG offices in Milan (January 2019)

The law firm PLG Italy and Spain conclude a project worth 50 million for a client in the real estate sector (June 2018)

Galileo BC presents the developments in the Mechatronics sector to PLG members at NH Hotel in Milan: 30 firms representatives from China to the United States are present (October 2017)



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