M&A Advisory

Sell Side Advisory

We map the liquidity of different Private Equity Funds and Industrial Investors, the minimum investment expected, the strategy pursued and the liquidity available at any given time. Thanks to this experience, our Clients get in touch with investors in Italy, Europe and America interested in their industrial needs to undertake the total or partial sale of their shares.


Business Analysis: detailed analysis of the Client's business;
Investor Research: industry analysis, long list and short list;
Preliminary Contacts: contact with industrial and financial investors;
Teasers to Interested Parties: anonymous presentation of the transaction;
Signed NDA: drafting and signing of confidentiality documents;
Information Memorandum: completion and submission of the document;


Company Meetings: development of relationship with Management;
Company Valuation
: financial and market analysis;
Price Definition
: technical and market definition;
: negotiation between Client and counterparts;
Professional Coordination
: economic negotiation and contracting;
Expression of Interest
: obtaining Expressions of Interest;


Data Room Management: data room setup and access management;
Letter of Intent
: Obtaining a Letter of Intent;
Due Diligence
: support to professionals involved in the Due Diligence phase;
Binding Contract
: support in negotiating with relevant attorneys;
Ancillary Contracts
: support in the negotiation with the referring attorneys;
Closing of the Transaction
: support up to the notarial deed;


Industrial Sectors

Industrial Investors and Private Equity Funds have expressed their interest in various industrial sectors for future investments.


Relevant Acquisitions

We present important transactions to Private Equity Funds interested in acquiring companies with a minimum EBITDA equal to 10 million.


Strategic Objectives

We support strategic objectives such as Sales of Majority and Minority, Generational Change, Growth by Acquisition and Management Buy Out.

Buy Side Advisory

We analyze and understand in detail the Investment Strategies and Business Plans of Private Equity Funds, Partner Companies and Independent Companies interested in growing through acquisitions, contact through a high-profile network throughout the country the Companies identified as Targets and support from the negotiation phase until closing the interests of Investors.


Fund Strategy: monthly meetings to analyze sectors of interest;
Business Plan
: analysis of the Business Plan of the participated companies;
Market Mapping
: identification of specific add-ons;
Sector Fairs
: meetings with specific targets reported by the Fund;
Preliminary Meetings
: introduction of the Fund and the Business Plan;

Client Education: continuous Q&A sessions with Target holders;
Definition of Interest
: definition of the real interest of the Target;
Alignment of Interests
: definition of operational and economic synergies;
: preliminary analysis, multiple definition and pricing of the Target;
: negotiation meetings to define guarantees;


Letter of Intent: support in the deal breaker definition stages;
Due Diligence
: support to professionals involved in Due Diligence;
Binding Contract
: negotiation support in the definition phase;
Ancillary Contracts
: communication support between the Parties;
: presence at the notarial act and continuous support to the project;



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